Weekly Wellness Tip – Healthy Salad Bar Choices



Here are just a few tips to make your trip to the salad bar more nutritious!

  1. Always skip the iceberg lettuce at the salad bar!  It has very limited nutritional value and is mostly water. Use spinach or other green leafy greens as the base for your salad to get more iron and folate.
  2. Use balsamic vinegar instead of salad dressing – it’s only 15 calories per tablespoon.
  3. When eaten in moderation and paired with healthy foods, cheese is a great source of nutrients.  Just choose a lower fat cheese like feta to sprinkle on top (about 1 ounce).
  4. Add fresh blueberries instead of dried cranberries. Although you can get dried cranberries with no sugar added, they’re not at the salad bar.  Blueberries are naturally sweet and are a great nutritious substitute filled with antioxidants.
  5. Finally, if you want to maximize your trip to the salad bar – GO ORGANIC!

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