Wellness Action – Are You Determined?

Motivation 2

I’m going to visit a dear friend of mine in Florida today who gave birth to twins 4 months ago – at the age of 47!  Twins at any age is a challenge but of course the older you are the higher the risk.  It has been an adjustment to say the least but she is SO happy.  I don’t know all the details of her journey, but I can deduce that she and her husband, were very determined and they go to bed not just satisfied but HAPPY.

But this isn’t about her – this is about ME and YOU.  On this path of wellness and the need to make the right lifestyle decisions it requires purpose and determination on a daily basis.  We have to approach each day with the defined purpose of eating well and being determined to fulfill that desire.  You may have  a ‘bad’ day.  Just get back to your purpose.  Be intentional in your steps.

 Stay determined – feel and see the dividends!!

Feed the wellness in you!


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