Weekly Wellness Tip – Spice to Health!

Herbs and spices

You have raised your glass to say ‘Cheers’ to health, success and many other things  but do those 8 ounces  provide you  with any health benefits?  Research shows (and I agree!) that red wine has many beneficial properties for cardiovascular health, cancer prevention and more.  So keep drinking that red wine!  We can also increase other things in our daily consumption for health and wellness.  Not only should we focus on the types of foods that we prepare but how to prepare them with a variety of herbs and spices that are good for you.

I often hear that healthier food does not taste as good.  This is simply not true!  A variety of spices makes a dish visually appealing and more appetizing.   Here is a list of some herbs and spices that you may already have. Try new combinations of spices to rev up a dish you frequently prepare with these in mind.

Reach in that cabinet and ‘Spice to Health’!

  1. Chili Pepper – Boosts metabolism
  2. Cilantro – High in Vitamin K which improves bone strength
  3. Cinnamon – A good source of fiber and research suggests it reduces cholesterol levels
  4. Cumin – Provides calcium, iron and magnesium
  5. Ginger – Soothes an upset stomach, fights muscle pain
  6. Mint – Reduces the severity and length of stomach aches
  7. Nutmeg – Rich in potassium, calcium, phosphorous and magnesium
  8. Oregano – Strong antibacterial properties
  9. Parsley – Scientists found that this herb can actually inhibit breast cancer-cell growth
  10. Rosemary – Rich in antioxidants which helps fight inflammation
  11. Saffron –  Boosts your mood
  12. Sage – May help preserve memory and soothe sore throats
  13. Thyme – Great for chest and respiratory problems
  14. Turmeric – Helps fight inflammation and inhibits tumors

Feed the wellness in you!

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