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The weather was beautiful on the East Coast this weekend! In Washington, DC we experienced mid-80 degrees on Saturday and close to 70 degrees on Sunday. Once we get the sun and a hint of warmth the city comes alive. People are out walking, jogging, cycling, dining al fresco – all makes for a wonderful spring. However, what comes along with spring weather are seasonal allergies.  Mild for some, severe for others.  Some even move their outdoor exercise to the evening because many trees release their pollen at first light and that makes morning outdoor activity miserable.  In church yesterday, it seemed like everyone was in symphony with their sneezing, sniffling, coughing and blowing.  You really need to be in preventive mode starting in March so when the allergy season arrives you are ahead of the onset of symptoms.  Even if you have a severe case of allergies and are on prescribed medication, a natural approach to ease the symptoms can also be very helpful.  There are several suggested natural approaches but I will only speak about a few that I have used personally and practice.

  1. Eucalyptus Oil –  when my children were babies, my Caribbean mother, her posse of sisters and friends all had a natural suggestion for taking care of the children’s ailments.  They were in the form of a lotion, salve, oil, or tonic.  One such item was Olbas Oil that had to be delivered via plane, train, and automobile directly from the Caribbean.  Even if you could find it in the U.S. to them, it wasn’t legit unless it came from their ‘home’.  Olbas Oil  was used for any congestion or cough by rubbing on the children’s chest at bedtime.  One of the main ingredients is Eucalyptus Oil.  And yes it does work and we use it to this day.  The strong aroma helps open and clear nasal passages.
  2. Saline Spray – this helps remove the residual pollen and mucus from the nasal passages.  It takes some getting used to but even my children  admit they feel much better after using this as part of their regimen.
  3. Acupuncture –  not just for aches and pains, acupuncture is an effective way of reducing allergy symptoms.  My acupuncturist does a thorough review of your wellness for the week and during this time, allergies are discussed and if required, he will treat them with needles in certain pressure points.  Relief is always on its way right after treatment.
  4. HEPA Filters – Air purifiers with HEPA filters are great at trapping dust.  I’m amazed at the amount collected in just one day.  In addition to these the obvious thorough cleaning of clothing, carpet and high traffic areas on a daily basis helps tremendously at the height of allergy season.
  5. Local Honey – so far there is no scientific evidence that supports this but there has been preliminary research that indicates honey can help combat allergies.  The theory is that honey should make the body accustomed to the presence of pollen spores and decrease the chance an immune system response like the release of histamine will occur.  Local honey increases the chances that would provide the varieties of flowering plants and grasses giving the allergy sufferer trouble are the same kinds the bees are including in the honey they produce.  I’ve been on a daily regimen of a tablespoon a day for the past two weeks, overall feel great, no meds and it’s a great addition to my morning yogurt!

Would love to know what natural remedies work for you!

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