Weekly Wellness Tip – Being Prepared



Hello Monday!

Did you walk out of the house after eating a healthy breakfast and also know what you’re having for lunch and dinner? And for that midday snack? If not, we tend to ‘grab’ at what is convenient and it may not be the best option for you.  If you’re going to make those healthy changes in your life that will yield positive results you have to learn to plan and prepare in advance.  Consistently.  If you have good food in the house you’ll eat good food!  Take the time today to get the items you need to stick to your plan.  If you have to eat out, don’t just look at the menu and feel like those menu items listed are your only options.  Carefully look at the ingredients in dishes and if you see a combination of food you’d rather have that is better for you ask for it.  Most places are willing to accommodate.  And if not, you tried!  Just keep putting the extra effort in to eat well.

Have a great week!  Feed the wellness in you!

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