Weekly Wellness Tip – Save Your Soles

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Spring Fever! You’ve dusted off those sneakers so you can walk or run during your spare time and that is fantastic. It is great to switch up your routine and take advantage of exercising outdoors. But before you hit the streets, let’s start by answering a few questions –

  • Do you own walking or running shoes?
  • If so, how old are they?
  • Did you get your shoes properly fit for your activity?

I could go on with some additional questions but instead, I will just quote the store ‘Fleet Feet DC’ where I got my first pair of running shoes.  A visit to a running shoe store is where you should start before embarking on your outdoor Spring activities AND you should get this level of attention and service in the store you choose –

“Being FIT in the right shoe is an important step to preventing injury and enhancing your FITness experience. Whether you are just beginning a walking program, training for your first marathon, or are on your feet all day and need some foot relief – we can help.We listen carefully to your FITness goals and interests, take into consideration any aches and pains, and evaluate your experience with your current footwear. We then measure your feet, assess your foot type and watch your gait cycle. Using all of this information, we utilize our training and experience to make individualized footwear recommendations.”

Getting properly fit will help you perform your activity comfortably and avoid injuries.  It is an investment that pays high dividends.  You won’t truly know if you have the right shoes for you until after you start using them.  Use them for a week and if they are uncomfortable or causing pain, return them for another pair.  After a few shoes you will know what brands work for you.

Fitness experts suggest replacing your shoes every 300-400 miles.  If you run or walk frequently, rotate between two pairs to extend the life of the shoes.  Also, while at the shoe store PLEASE get some new, cushioned socks!  They make a huge difference in your comfort.  Now find a good walking/running path and get to work!

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