Weekly Wellness Tip – Being Prepared



Hello Monday!

Did you walk out of the house after eating a healthy breakfast and also know what you’re having for lunch and dinner? And for that midday snack? If not, we tend to ‘grab’ at what is convenient and it may not be the best option for you.  If you’re going to make those healthy changes in your life that will yield positive results you have to learn to plan and prepare in advance.  Consistently.  If you have good food in the house you’ll eat good food!  Take the time today to get the items you need to stick to your plan.  If you have to eat out, don’t just look at the menu and feel like those menu items listed are your only options.  Carefully look at the ingredients in dishes and if you see a combination of food you’d rather have that is better for you ask for it.  Most places are willing to accommodate.  And if not, you tried!  Just keep putting the extra effort in to eat well.

Have a great week!  Feed the wellness in you!

Wellness Action – Are You Determined?

Motivation 2

I’m going to visit a dear friend of mine in Florida today who gave birth to twins 4 months ago – at the age of 47!  Twins at any age is a challenge but of course the older you are the higher the risk.  It has been an adjustment to say the least but she is SO happy.  I don’t know all the details of her journey, but I can deduce that she and her husband, were very determined and they go to bed not just satisfied but HAPPY.

But this isn’t about her – this is about ME and YOU.  On this path of wellness and the need to make the right lifestyle decisions it requires purpose and determination on a daily basis.  We have to approach each day with the defined purpose of eating well and being determined to fulfill that desire.  You may have  a ‘bad’ day.  Just get back to your purpose.  Be intentional in your steps.

 Stay determined – feel and see the dividends!!

Feed the wellness in you!


Weekly Wellness Tip – Sources of Vitamin C

orange with leaf


Waking up to single digit temperatures has been so unpleasant! The multiple layers required to stay warm is uncomfortable and is still not effective to combat this frigid weather. In addition, the risk of getting the common cold and influenza is increased because some of the viruses leading to these illnesses are seasonal, occurring more frequently during cold weather.  I guess Punxsutawney Phil was right!

No one leaves my house without taking Vitamin C but the best source comes from fresh fruit and vegetables.  Here is a list of fruits and vegetables with the highest amount of Vitamin C, per cup.  Incorporate more of this powerful antioxidant in your lifestyle.

  • Yellow Bell Peppers
  • Guavas
  • Kale
  • Kiwi
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberries
  • Oranges
  • Tomatoes
  • Peas
  • Papaya

Feed the wellness in you!


Spaghetti Squash, Quinoa and Chickpea ‘Muffins’

Spaghetti Squash, Quinoa, Chickpea

I’ll be the first to admit, there’s nothing ‘pretty’ about this dish but it is SO delicious and nutritious!  Instead of rice or potatoes, try this as a substitute.  I eat the three ingredients in this dish separately all the time prepared different ways but I thought long and hard about combining two uniquely (I’ve had spaghetti squash and quinoa, quinoa and chickpeas)…then decided let’s just go with all three!

The ingredients are savory and unexpected with feta cheese, herbs like sage and spices like turmeric.  I made this in a muffin pan and it scoops out easily with a tablespoon and stores well.  You can also make it as a casserole if you prefer.

So if you’re watching your carbs, need more protein and fiber, give this a try!

Feed the wellness in you!

Spaghetti Squash, Quinoa and Chickpea ‘Muffins’

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cook Time: 40 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Yield: 12


  • 1 medium sized spaghetti squash
  • 2 cans garbanzo beans
  • 1/2 cup quinoa (uncooked)
  • 1 cup vegetable stock
  • 1/2 can tomato paste
  • 1 cup crumbled feta cheese
  • 1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese
  • 1/4 cup scallions, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon of sage
  • 1 tablespoon of turmeric
  • 1 tablespoon of parsley
  • 1 tsp of sea salt
  • 12 cup non stick muffin pan


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Bake the spaghetti squash for 45 minutes to one hour, until skin can be pierced with a knife.
  3. Cook the quinoa according to the package in the vegetable stock; should be 10-15 minutes.
  4. Blend the garbanzo beans in a blender until the consistency of hummus.
  5. In a large bowl, mix the ingredients together.
  6. Add all other ingredients and mix well.
  7. Add the mixture to the muffin cups. There should be generous helpings in each.
  8. Bake for 40 minutes.
  9. Gently scoop out with a tablespoon and serve.

In Season Wellness – Papaya

In Season for your Wellness Papaya

Papaya is in season for your wellness from December through February. This is one of my favorite fruits eaten sliced with lots of lime.  They are very low in calories and is one of the fruits with the highest Vitamin C content.  It is also a wonderful source of Vitamins A, B, and potassium.

Try it ripe, use it in salsa or add to your smoothie.

Share your ideas.

For the wellness in you!

Weekly Wellness Tip – Sources of Protein

Whole Grains

How do you get Protein in your diet?

I am often asked this question. There are so many ways!  Although I don’t have a large source at one time such as a chicken breast that gives you approximately 23 grams of protein,  I eat whole grains throughout the day, even found in my snacks such as the Carrot Quinoa Mini Muffins I recently posted.

Many of you are looking to incorporate more protein in your diet even though you eat meat and fish.  I get a lot of my protein from whole grains and beans.  Whole grains or foods made from them contain all the essential parts and natural nutrients of the entire grain seed in their original proportions.  Unprocessed, they provide you with lots of protein and fiber.

Studies also show that eating whole grains instead of refined grains lowers the risk of many chronic diseases.  These benefits can only be realized as part of an overall healthy lifestyle.  So, in addition to you incorporating the usual Oats or Brown Rice in your diet, consider these great sources of protein.  The amount of protein listed is based on 1 cup of cooked whole grain.

Feed the wellness in you!

  1. Amarath            9 grams
  2. Black Beans      14 grams
  3. Bulgur                6 grams
  4. Chick Peas        12 grams
  5. Farro                  8 grams
  6. Kidney Beans   14 grams
  7. Millet                 6 grams
  8. Quinoa              9 grams