In Season Wellness – Asparagus

Bunch of fresh green asparagus spears

Although asparagus is available all year long, March is its peak marking Spring is here! You’ll notice the foodie magazines will feature asparagus in a variety of recipes and featured heavily on restaurant menus. Can’t wait!

It’s a good thing I love asparagus because the word alone could trigger a traumatic memory for me. In 5th grade I won my school’s spelling bee (brag alert – AND again in 6th grade) and made it to the city championship.  I was VERY nervous and  lost because I misspelled ASPARAGUS.  Needless to say I will never forget how to spell it.

If you love asparagus you know it is crisp and sweet raw as well as delicious roasted and lightly sautéed.  It is also extremely good for you in numerous ways.

  1. It contains  many anti-inflammatory nutrients which help to combat arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.
  2. It is full of antioxidants vitamin C, vitamin A (beta-carotene), zinc, manganese and selenium;  With its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, asparagus is a robust fighter against bladder, breast, colon, lung, prostate, ovarian and other cancers.
  3. Fresh asparagus are rich sources of folates.  Folate, a B complex vitamin, is essential for a healthy cardiovascular system.
  4. Asparagus is also an excellent source of Vitamin K which is also good for your bones and has antioxidant properties which preliminary studies show may help slow the aging process.

To preserve nutrients and get the most out of its antioxidant power when cooking try to roast, grill or lightly stir fry asparagus.

I’ll be posting a recipe with this star vegetable soon!

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