Foot Loose and Fancy-Free

I have no recipe this week!  Last week I was on vacation and school started on Monday for my dynamic duo so it’s a little hectic.  There’s not a lot of creativity going on in the kitchen. However, I thought it would be valuable to share some of the meals I had while on vacation. I know many of us struggle on vacation to stick to healthy dining options. You have to be disciplined and vacation is supposed to be fun, foot loose and fancy-free, right?  (I’m married so foot loose and fancy-free in this sense means one does as they please as it pertains to food;-)  Well 5 lbs later when you get home you feel the ‘weight’ in many ways – there’s guilt, it’s hard to get back on track, and you realize that number on the scale is not incorrect and you’ve got to do something about it.  When I am away from my regular routine I choose restaurants that have menus that can cater to a healthy diet.  Let me also state that I’m not knocking ANYONE for enjoying food the way they want to.  Since a healthy lifestyle should be a lifetime commitment, this is just my way of demonstrating how I’ve been able to enjoy myself with my vegetarian lifestyle while on vacation.  Here are just a few of the dishes I had and thoroughly enjoyed.

Huevos Rancheros – I used the omelet station at our hotel to order scrambled egg whites and omelets, but I also had this delicious dish. I ordered it with egg whites, light on the cheese and no sour cream. huevos rancheros.jpg

Veggie burger with side salad – I don’t eat just any veggie burger; I always ask if they are house made and what the ingredients are.  This burger was made from beets, black beans, brown rice and other grains. It was great and very tasty.  I am a sucker for hand cut fries so I don’t deny myself certain pleasures in life but the fries that accompanied this were frozen so why bother.  I’d rather have an extra glass of wine instead.

veggie burger.jpg

Harvest Saladthis was a yummy blend of beets, grapefruit, white asparagus, farro, goat cheese, mixed greens, kale, and white balsamic dressing on the side.  One day I asked to add avocado because it was on the menu in another dish.  If the ingredient is found elsewhere and it’s something you want, just ask for it! harvest salad.jpg

Pasta – Pasta is always flexible and versatile if looking for a healthy food option.  Restaurant portions tend to be large so just half it, stick with a tomato based sauces and use cheese in moderation. We dined at two different Italian restaurants and at both I asked for a pasta with a tomato sauce and whatever green vegetables they had.  The first restaurant kept it fairly basic yet delicious with a Penne Arriabbata and spinach; the second restaurant gave me fresh cavatelli with chard and spinach in a tomato sauce.  (not pictured) Perfetto!

penne ariabbata with spinach.jpg

Asian Food – There are always great vegetarian options at Asian restaurants and where we were vacationing had several Thai and Japanese restaurants that had something for everyone in my family.

Pad See-ew Noodles is a Thai dish pictured below.  If you’ve never had this before it is a flat rice noodle served with broccoli, a sweet brown sauce and your choice of protein.  It is delicious.

pad see-ew

 At a Japanese restaurant I had Buddha’s Delight which is sautéed vegetables with garlic brown sauce with the protein of your choice.   It is pictured below served with tofu (lightly fried) over brown rice.


 Are you hungry now?  I am!  Going to the kitchen now that I’m inspired by recalling all these wonderful dishes!

Feed the wellness in you!

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