About Natasha


I am Natasha Watkins.

I am a wife, mother of 9 year old twins, business owner, active/healthy lifestyle advocate, foodie, and yes – a vegetarian. I started this website and blog for a few reasons.   First, I truly believe in making conscious healthy decisions on a daily basis – healthy eating and doing some form of exercise regularly.  Second, I LOVE food and cooking. I believe this would be in the top 3 things a friend would say if asked to describe me. The process of creating or replicating a dish comes very naturally to me. I find the art of designing dishes fascinating and when I am in the process of creating a dish that is simple or complex, I am in my happy place. I enjoy entertaining and often get asked how to make the vegetarian and whole grain dishes that I serve. I also post pictures of my vegetarian dishes on Facebook and the feedback I consistently get is how tasty the dish looks despite being a vegetarian dish. The second most common comment is ‘Recipe PLEASE’!  This blog will help me provide recipes on a regular basis.

Living a vegetarian lifestyle is a very personal decision so I am not promoting that this is the best way of life for everyone. I have my own reasons for becoming one which I’m sure will unfold as I post dishes and stories. I have been  a healthy eater most of my adult life and know the power of feeling great.  After becoming a vegetarian I never knew that my body could feel even better at this point in my life. I never knew how well my body would take care of me if I took care of it in this way. With every meal you have the opportunity to nourish it with ‘medicine’ or ‘poison’. You have the choice.  Like I tell my children, “Make the right decision”!

My goal is to inspire you to make the change that you want and do it the right way. Eating more fruits and vegetables is the right start. Eat very little processed food because unprocessed food retains more nutrients.  Check out my ‘Lab Essentials’ to get started.  Know that you can do this.

Audrey Hepburn said, “Nothing is impossible. The word itself is ‘I’m possible’”.

So let’s have some fun as you get a glimpse of my life as a vegetarian and learn how to make some vegetarian-friendly dishes that you love.